Sunday, 25 November 2012

Eye looks and recent portraits

I was playing with my make up last week but didn't post up any photos/blogged about. So here are the two attempts at dramatic eyelooks. I find it really hard to go crazy with colors because I so used to using light neutral shades. (even when I go out at night). So trying something like a was really challenging.

On the other hand, I discovered Adobe Lightroom and OH MY GAWD where have I been all my life? I feel like I have been missing out on so much. Been learning the program as much as I can for a week but then I realised I had to get back to drawing as well.

I also had a last minute photoshoot with my friend Mabel which was meant to be an entry for a weekly online challenge but it was too late to submit my entry. Nevertheless, I thought it was a good time to practice my photography and to play around with my flash. Getting her to pose was no problem and I can't wait to actually plan an actual photoshoot with her when she gets a weave on her hair. =P

After that I had a planned photoshoot with and interested person for modelling from a response to my gumtree ad a few weeks back. I planned a photoshoot with another lady but she couldn't make it on the day and I haven't heard from her since. I was pretty nervous for the photoshoot since I haven't actually took photos of someone I don't know and I'm not a professional. Not to mention I have horrible socializing skills. But I think it went fairly well..and I hope I'll be able to do more photoshoots to practice my people and photography skill set. Enough of the talking, here are a few of my favourite shots.

When I first discovered Lightroom...I was like HOLY SHIT I CAN MAKE MY EYES LOOK LIKE THIS SHARP WTF. Noob alert.

The church setting was so lovely! Didn't have time to take actual pictures of the place because I had my 35mm prime lens on which wasn't wide enough and I still needed it for the portraits

It was a real challenge to shoot Annie because she tends to blink very quickly when I press the shutter(which means flash). The glasses was also a challenge because of how often it cuts out the eyes. But I've learn a fair bit from this photoshoot and am glad to have done it. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Byrneleigh

Last Friday I was planning to do a photoshoot of Rachael but before that we went out for brunch which ended up being lunch instead. We were planning to try another cafe called Moubar(I think) in Nedlands but then we were a bit late in catching their breakfast menu. So, we walked around the area and found a cafe called The Byrneleigh having a $15 lunch special so we decided to go with that instead. 

The place itself is so lovely.  I love the deco especially the potted plants in the metal and wooden frames and the oudoor seating was so pretty. It has a really relaxing atmosphere and the food is super yummy.

Didn't bother to dress up or anything because I usually don't when I plan on carrying my dslr. I just don't like squishing my face against the LCD screen when I have my usual amount of make up on so I slapped on really light bb cream, thin eyeliner and mascara on. (Oh! and concealer. I have panda eyes)

Rachael ordered the sticky pork pizza and I had ...actually I'm not sure what I had but it tasted good!
But the pizza was really good. I liked it better than what I got. Both of them taste yummy but the pizza is more yummy to me..if you get what I mean.

Nice, clean and neat.

I'd definitely go back there and eat again someday. I think $15 is not too pricey for a nice and satisfying lunch. I haven't checked the menu for their normal prices(I assume it's probably higher) but will definitely go again for a nice little lunch treat.
Some of my photos from the day that I liked.

And gawd, photoshooting Rachael was hard because she didn't want to get into this patch of flowers because it has a bee flying around it somewhere. But oh well. I got a fairly decent shot.

After doing a photoshoot the day before with me in the "model" role I realised that models really just have to suck it up and just pose in public because if you get a photographer and you end up posing the same pose throughout the entire shoot you're gonna end up with a whole bunch of shitty fairly identical photos no matter how good the photographer is. I'm sure we've all modeled in front of the mirrors..It's just the matter of doing what you do in the mirror in front of the photographer and in public but at the same time just ignoring the fact that there are people around you..And then it can end up being really fun. (That's if you actually want to be taken a picture of. If you don't have interest in having a picture taken I'm pretty sure you wouldn't even be booking a photographer). But we're girls hey, I'm sure we all had that one moment when you just wanna look all glam get some lovely snapshots. (I can't wait for my photos to come out! Not the best poser but it's still exciting!)

Sunday, 4 November 2012

PJ: Sunday lunch

This Sunday morning my mum had a mad rage on the way to church. One of those moments when she just explodes and we were sent home. No church today. There is too much happening.

The weather has been awfully annoying lately. It was lovely sun all the way last week and now it's thunderstorming and raining. Where did summer go?

Anyway, mum came back from church and ask to go out for lunch. Was going to have lunch at an Italian restaurant in Leederville but it was full and we had to wait 30 minutes to get a table. Honestly I wouldn't mind waiting but my brother pulled a long face(must be his teenage rebellience)  thus, we just headed to the Asian section of Perth, Northbridge.

I realised that I should read my histograms more often. The shadow levels on my photos were way off. Will do that the next time I shoot. 

And I've been a dummy for not shooting my photos RAW.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Overview: Dolly Wink Long Mascara

Dolly Wink Long Mascara came in the mail today. I got mine from Yesstyle after I ditched the Maybelline Falsies Mascara because my eyelashes were shedding. When I first tried the falsies I really liked it; apart from it being a little clumpy at times. But one thing I hated about it was that it was so hard to remove even with an oil based make up remover. Because I was unable to remove all the product, the residue on my lashes made them brittle. (I'm guessing that's why my eyelashes fell in the morning. There were more than 10 eyelashes on my face in the morning..I was like..WTF MY EYELASHES WHY).

I can't live without two things(in terms of make up) : Mascara and concealer(because I am so blessed with dark eye circles. Panda!). Hell, I don't even care if I don't have eyeliner/foundation. (ps: Moisturiser isn't counted okay? :P)
So I rushed of to buy the dolly wink mascara because I threw away my old mascara(Covergirl volumeblast) and I don't want to use the falsies because I'm shit scared of my eyelashes falling out again. And there's this one mascara that I bought awhile back that clumps like crazyyyy. No, just no.

I bought the Dolly Wink Volume on ebay before buying this because I prefer volume over length but that would take awhile to arrive. (But cheaper). So desperate, I got the Dolly Wink long from yesstyle which came in the mail 4 days later.

There's no harm in trying both right? Because I've heard great reviews about both of them.

Love how they have instructions. (In japanese though. but pictures are understandable too)
I'm not a fan of the design but I'm sure many girls would think it's cute. I'm just not into girly designs when it comes to packaging.(it's just a personal preference)

The consistency was somewhat creamy and different from mascaras I've bought in the past. And when I put in one it literally felt like my eyelashes were the same weight. Like I didn't have anything on them. And yes it made my lashes longer but I think I'd like the volume one more because I have no length and no volume. But I still love this.

Before and after shot.
This is just a brief overview and not a review. I'll do a review of the two Dolly wink mascaras after I've got the volume because it would be easier and more in depth when I can compare the two.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Eyes: Purple Love

I bought the Maybelline Infallible eyeshadow awhile back on a whim because it was on the reduced to clear items in Priceline but I never used it. I also bought a random duo purple hello kitty eyeshadow at the same time. So since I'm free today I thought it would be nice to try pairing those together. 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I actually wanted to make a an unboxing video for the the September Lusthaveit beauty box but I was so busy then that I forgot the box has came in the mail until 2 weeks later when I realized that I left a box underneath my bed. But I'm not going to review the contents for the September box. Instead, I will be posting some photos for the October Lusthaveit beauty box which I got in the mail today.

Like Birchbox which is only for people living in the US, Lusthaveit is like an Australian version of birchbox. The company sends a box containing 5-6 premium sample products for the price of $14.95 a month.
More details on the website.

This October box is actually only my 2nd box. So far I'm satisfied. :)

They come is this plain white rectangular box. I wouldn't say the packaging is super tight/safe from being opened or damaged but it does the job. Afterall it's not like they're posting it halfway around the world. 

At the bottom of the box there's usually pink/white thin wrapping scrunchy paper(how do I describe it....). I'm not sure if it actually comes in other colors but so far I've gotten pink and white. They also come with a few discount coupons for online shopping websites and and $15 gift card in this October box.

Along with those is a pamphlet of the list of products that are included and a brief description of what they do for you.

I don't think I will be using these though. Well, not anytime soon. >.<

I really like how the October box had the products in a cute pink bag. I'm definitely reusing it for when I travel. And it's so pwetttttyyyy~

What came in the box? 
1. Caron Waxaway Ready To Use Sensitive Wax Strips
2. Kosmea Skin Certified Organic Hip Rose Oil
3. De Lorenzo Instant Rejuven8 Treatment
4.Beauty Snaps
5. Star & Rose White Bath Fizzer

The rose hip oil came in the smallest cutest little dropper vial. Lol. I just had to take a photo because it's so cute and tiny. I'm really happy they gave a hair deep conditioning treatment product because I've been wanting to do something with my dry hair but I haven't done anything much. Plus, I ran out of conditioner and haven't been using any for about a week now so I'm pretty happy about that. It's a really big tube as well. :)
So what did you get for your October beauty box?